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Cyber Crime & Security

Reducing the impact of cyber attack

Reducing vulnerability to cyber attack is critical in the modern age of internet commerce. By tapping into our wide range of technical services, your business can reduce the impact and threat from attack, and ensure you have the best possible solution to the resulting digital challenges.

In the light of the increasing threat of cyber crime, it is essential for businesses to take action to protect their websites and systems from potential costly infiltration. Hunton Woods are able to reduce the impact of cyber crime on your organisation by building digital defence mechanisms and providing training to ensure you and your staff aren't vulnerable to attack.

Our expert team delivers the tools you need to beat the cyber criminals before and after they strike, and to ensure your operations continue to run as smoothly as possible. Services include:

  • Cyber crime threat and risk assessments
  • Forensic computer auditing and misuse
  • Social media due diligence reports
  • Business Intelligence gathering
  • Cyber security training
  • Internet and email misuse
  • Organisational monitoring and auditing
  • Digital Brand protection
  • Data theft and digital fraud
  • Expert witness reporting

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